Did you know Hogeschool Rotterdam has a lot to offer regarding applied data science and artificial intelligence? The AI & Ethics Program within Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences focuses on supporting lecturers, students and researchers in the field of AI, which they inextricably link to ethics. In this vlog they highlight two projects: research program RAAIT and the learning community digital humans.

✅ The Responsible Applied Artificial Intelligence (RAAIT) program is a partnership between Hogeschool Rotterdam, Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and a broad consortium of partners. RAAIT is the center for practice-oriented research in the field of Responsible Applied AI in the Netherlands. The central question is: how can AI be designed, developed and implemented with an eye for intended and unintended consequences for the user, citizen and society?

✅ With Digital Humans, Hogeschool Rotterdam is one of six universities of applied sciences starting an AI learning community, made possible in part with funding from the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) and the National Regulating Body for Practice-Oriented Research SIA and Platform PRIO. A common ambition of the learning community is to gain more insight into how digital humans can be designed so that they are helpful, acceptable, reliable and ethical when interacting with humans, and can play a meaningful role in an AI-driven future.

✅ Hogeschool Rotterdam offers a a four-year full-time higher professional education (HBO bachelor) in Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. In this program you learn how to collect, clean, store and manage data automatically. You do this by carrying out projects for real organisations. The program trains you to become a ‘data scientist for the future’. This means that you can apply data-driven applications in an ethically responsible manner. This is what they call responsible data science.

Hogeschool Rotterdam is very open to collaboration and cooperation in various areas. For example, companies can become partners in the national expertise network, or they can collaborate by being the client for assignments that students will work on within various study programs or minors.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch through https://www.hogeschoolrotterdam.nl/hogeschool/contact/

Our friends at Hogeschool Rotterdam made this video for our new series ‘Call for action’, where all members of the Zuid-Holland AI ecosystem are invited to introduce themselves and share their call for action. If you’d like to participate too, give us a shout at info@zuid-hollandai.org