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On February 17 during the HSD Café, the position paper AI-application for Security, Peace and Justice (VVR) was presented and handed over to Annemiek Nelis (Director of Innovation, Knowledge and Strategy at the Ministry of JenV) and Michel van Leeuwen (Director of Artificial Intelligence at JenV). The paper provides insight into this playing field so that parties can find each other better, coordinate and collaborate on content and results. The paper is written by Security Delta (HSD) and the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) in close collaboration with the Security, Peace and Justice working group on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Joris den Bruinen, chair of programme team NLAIC & work group VVR and director of Security Delta (HSD): “Unfortunately, security, peace and justice are not always obvious. Threats continue to grow and both our physical and digital security is under pressure. Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the protection against these threats and guaranteeing justice, but at the same time this also entails risks. Which preconditions are involved and how can we come to an effective, secure and human centered approach to these applications?”

The Security, Peace and Justice working group of the Dutch AI Coalition wrote a paper on this field and what they are collaborating on, in concrete terms. This includes recognition on the crossovers between AI, data sharing, intelligence and (cyber)security, Privacy Enhancing Technologies and talent as important preconditions. As well as utilising Ethical Legal Social Aspects (ELSA) labs for a practice-oriented approach in algorithm development. Also, the application of AI with a balance between what is technically possible, legal and accepted and ethically and sociably desirable when establishing AI in the broad domain of security.

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