Welcome to the ninth episode of our video series: Dutch Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence. In this series, you will get to know some talented entrepreneurs running very diverse companies with one common denominator: they are leading the way in the development or use of AI. They push boundaries, disrupt their markets and lead the rest of us forward.

We’d like to introduce you to Mainblades, offering automated drone inspections for every aircraft type, indoor and outdoor, with zero preparation. In a world where aircraft inspections are a highly time and cost consuming process, Mainblades offers a drone-powered inspection tool that allows aircraft engineers to perform their work better and more efficiently, while also gathering more consistent and compliant data. They improve inspection data, shorten turnaround times and reduce maintenance costs.

In this video, you’ll meet Dejan Borota (co-founder and CEO) and Julian von der Goltz (data scientist and software engineer) telling us a bit more about their business and how the inspections take place.

👋 Mainblades, automated aircraft drone inspections
🪴 Founded in 2017
🌍 Visit them at Mainblades.com
🚩 Located in The Hague, Zuid-Holland
💻 Interested in working at Mainblades? Check out their career opportunities.

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👉 We’ll be back shortly with the tenth and final episodes of this series, where we will introduce you to Samotics and their predictive maintenance systems.