Let’s explore the eighth episode of our new video series: Dutch pioneers in Artificial Intelligence. In this series, you will get to know some talented entrepreneurs running very diverse companies with one common denominator: they are leading the way in the development or use of AI. They push boundaries, disrupt their markets and lead the rest of us forward.

In this episode you’ll meet Tom Trill, CEO at Qualinx. This Delft based IoT semiconductor company solved a high power consumption problem of GNSS sensors, utilising its patented digital RF (DRF) techniques.

They offer the world’s smallest and most power efficient GNSS sensor, which reduces the wireless radio energy consumption of IoT solutions by 90 percent. This enables a vast field of applications for portable and IoT applications, when sustainable low-energy consumption is crucial.

👋 Qualinx, a high-tech fabless semiconductor company that solved a high power consumption problem of GNSS sensors
🪴 Founded in 2015
🌍 Visit them at Qualinx.nl
🚩 Located in Delft, Zuid-Holland
💻 Interested in working at Qualinx? Check their job opportunities!

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