Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionise healthcare, but even in areas such as medical imaging, where it is easy to spot AI errors, more research is needed.

Validation of medical AI technologies is the key focus of research being run by the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. Earlier this month, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, began working with health tech firm to launch its AI Innovation Lab for Medical Imaging.

The initial programme will run for three years and will conduct detailed research into the detection of abnormalities by AI algorithms for infectious and non-infectious disease conditions. The researchers hope to understand the potential use cases for AI in Europe and provide guidance to clinicians on best practices for adoption of the technology specifically for their requirements.

Jacob Visser, radiologist, chief medical information officer (CMIO) and assistant professor for value-based imaging at Erasmus MC, said: “It is important to realise we have big challenges, an ageing population and we have a lot of technology that needs to be used in a responsible way. We are investigating how we can bring value to clinicians and patients using new technology and how we can measure those advancements.”

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