At the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wopke Hoekstra has announced that in February 2023 the Netherlands will host an international summit on the responsible application of artificial intelligence in the military domain. The aim of the conference is to establish an agenda that will ultimately lead to international agreements on how to develop and apply this technology responsibly in this domain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is essential for high-tech, future-proof armed forces. At the same time, there are risks and dilemmas associated with it, for instance if the deployment of AI leads to lack of human control, the potential escalation of violence or lack of clarity as regards responsibility.

According to Mr Hoekstra, ‘AI is developing at a rapid pace, including in the military domain. This new technology is set to become one of the greatest challenges we will face in the area of international security and arms control. If we don’t make international agreements now about frameworks for the responsible development, deployment and use of AI, we will regret it later.’

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