Minister of Digitalisation Alexandra van Huffelen will give a guest lecture on the government’s ambitions in the field of digitalisation on Monday 12 September. Bram Klievink, professor Digitalisation and Public Policy and founder of The Hague Centre for Digital Governance will act as mediator. ‘Digitalisation is no longer a niche subject. More people than ever are working on the topic of IT and public administration, and that’s a good thing.’

The minister’s visit is a good opportunity to also put a spotlight on the Centre. It is part of the University’s Institute of Public Administration in The Hague. Klievink and his colleagues conduct research into the influence digitalisation and data have on public administration. The rise of the digital are influences public administration in many different ways. Klievink: ‘Our goal is to research issues regarding the digitalisation of the government and the role of the government in the broadest possible sense in an academic fashion. Together with the government institutions around us. As well as provide advice and support.’ What are the challenges for government institutions when it comes to new technologies and what will they have to deal with?

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