Dutch climate scale-up Gradyent raises €10 million to make heat networks more efficient and sustainable. Heat networks currently lose a quarter of their heat on an annual basis. This problem is becoming even more urgent with rising fuel prices and the strong need for CO2 reduction. Gradyent has developed software that helps heat companies to optimize their heat networks and reduce CO2, so that they can continue to provide affordable and reliable heat. Gradyent is now raising €10m in a Series A investment from existing investors Capricorn Partners, ENERGIIQ and Helen Ventures and new investor Eneco Ventures.

Two major heat companies in Northern Europe (and also customers of Gradyent) are showing through this investment that there is a great need for the Gradyent software: Helen, the Helsinki energy company with 600,000 users, and Eneco, the largest heat supplier in the Netherlands with over 140,000 users and a Gradyent customer for 3 years. About 90% of Helsinki’s heat demand is provided by the heat network and about 600,000 inhabitants of this city live in an apartment heated by it.

Heat grids now lose 25% of their heat annually

More than 25% of global energy consumption comes from heating and cooling buildings. On an annual basis, heat grids lose about a quarter of their heat, while fuel prices rise and calls for CO2 reduction grow stronger. Heat networks often run on outdated software and the transformation to integrated energy systems with local sustainable sources makes it even more important to have the right software systems.

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