Startup supplai has been engaged by Volker Engineering Structures (VES; part of Volker Wessel) to develop a method together with DDC Smart Inspections (Dutch Drone Company) for a smarter inspection at the Haringvliet bridge. For this, DDC carried out a drone inspection and developed an advanced 3D model. Based on this data, supplai applied its real-time video analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI). In this way , a drone can now be used to perform rapid and accurate inspections.

The driving deck of the lifting part of Haringvlietbrug consists of aluminum plates that are attached to the flap of the bridge with spring clamps. Due to the traffic that drives over the bridge, these spring clamps shiver loose. The lifting part and the movement mechanism will be completely replaced, but this will take some time. Until then, the maximum speed on the A29 of the Haringvliet Bridge is only 50 km/h.

In order to determine the safety of the Haringvliet bridge, it is very important to inspect the construction properly and weekly. This time-critical inspection requires high accuracy and must be done safely. At the moment, VES employees have to pass under the bridge in a maintenance cart to inspect each plate. During this inspection it is prohibited to pass under the lifting part.

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