The Dutch selection for the European AI Startup Landscape has been expanded with fourteen new Top AI Startups, the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) announced yesterday. Among them are two very promising companies from Zuid-Holland!

The European AI Startup Landscape is a centralised database that gives a clear overview of AI start-ups categorised by country and category. You can visit the recent selection of the most promising Dutch startups that the NL AIC has brought in together with partners, including Zuid-Holland AI.

The selection is updated quarterly. This months update added two Zuid-Holland startups. A bit more on these promising companies:

Notilyze (Rotterdam)

“We are Notilyze, a Dutch company with only one goal: to help organizations with data analytics, in such a way that you get the solution that helps you become a more data-driven and successful organization.

The name Notilyze is composed of Notitia, Latin for data, and Analyze. By analyzing data, we give you the knowledge you need to grow your organization. Our aim is to bring data analytics within reach of every department and every company, regardless of size or industry. We do this by offering data analytics as a service.

In addition, we offer IT solutions to properly integrate analytics into existing processes. In order to get started quickly and easily with analytics on the SAS® Viya® platform, we can offer organizations their own cloud environment in addition to our shared Analytics Platform from the cloud.

Our advanced Analytics Platform is based on the robust and high-performance technology of SAS. Combined with the in-depth knowledge of our specialists and their years of experience in deploying analytics in organizations, we help you extract valuable information and relevant insights from your data and implement concrete improvements with it.”

PublicSonar (Den Haag)

PublicSonar offers an AI-driven software solution for fine-grained searches and insights from public sources, such as social media and (news) websites. With this we support our customers, who are active in public order & safety, disaster relief, mobility, vital infrastructure and risk management.

Especially during incidents and risky situations, you want to quickly remove uncertainties and form a real-time situational picture from large amounts of data. What happened? What is the scope? Are people involved and what do they need? Are new risks emerging?

You can only obtain this information through the use of intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). PublicSonar makes these technologies accessible and ensures compliant use. In this way you can act in a timely and informed manner, follow developments and manage incidents.

With the addition of these two companies, there’s now an inspiring total of 42 Top AI Startups from Zuid-Holland in the Dutch selection of 155 companies. Check out this page for a total overview of the Dutch selection.

Should your company be included?

You’re very welcome to enter your company into the European AI Startup Landscape database and apply for this selection. You can find more info on the selection process at – this info is available in Dutch as well.