NWO has granted funding to two research projects within the KIC call for ‘Data and Intelligence’. Consortia comprising researchers, businesses and social organisations will contribute towards improved, usable intelligence products to meet the needs of intelligence and security professionals during operational, tactical, and strategic assignments. Two projects will receive almost €3 million over a maximum term of six years starting mid-2022, with social and private partners contributing over €800,000 more in co-funding, both in kind and in cash.

In a constantly changing society and geopolitical world, information is crucial to public and national security. Security professionals need to have timely, accurate and focused information to do their work. This information is essential to the struggle against complex undermining criminality, to support the entire justice system and forensic research, and to the work done by the intelligence, military, and emergency services.

The call opened in November 2020 after which multiple consortia were constituted and submitted their pre-proposals in April and final submissions in August 2021. Now, two final consortia will research the responsible use of artificial intelligence for a safer, more secure society.

Consortium 1) Hybrid Explainable Workflows for Security and Threat Intelligence (TU Delft & Leiden University)

Consortium 2) AI4Intelligence: From Multimodal Data to Trustworthy Evidence in Court

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