During the Student Wellbeing Week, one workshop delved into making an NFT of your self-portrait. A group of students worked on creating a communal artwork. “I used red stickers for everything below my neck to represent my heart and my feelings.”

A corner of The Living Room transformed into Artificial Intelligence heaven on Monday morning. The table filled with light frames, the printer, and a TV screen at the head of the table created a tech haven for a group of fifteen to get their hands on NFT making.

The workshop was hosted by AICON, an initiative that aims to ‘focus on the impact of AI, taking a human centered approach’ as described on their website. Artist Peim van der Sloot led the group in creating self-portraits for a project he and others are working on, called Faces of the City. Out of all the portraits they make in the series of workshops in Rotterdam, they want to make a communal artwork. He specialises in using small coloured stickers to create eye-catching art. “The idea is also to let the project grow and do faces in different cities. It’s a very organic process which is what makes it unique. There’s space for failure and space for new input.”

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