Maintaining aircraft fleets smarter and more efficiently using AI? With a major study of several European universities and industries (ReMAP) with TU Delft as project leader, a step has been taken in the modernization of aircraft maintenance using Artificial Intelligence.

During a six-month test period at KLM, using KLM’s real-time operational data, it was proven that AI models can be used to make health predictions of aircraft systems, and plan the maintenance process accordingly. Project leader Bruno Santos (TU Delft): “We have succeeded in modelling the complete maintenance process of various aircraft fleets. In the future, this will make it possible to transform current aircraft maintenance based on fixed time intervals (and maintenance due to defects) to continuous health monitoring of systems. Systems are then replaced exactly when necessary, which prevents waste. In addition, the team has modelled the highly complex maintenance planning process that is currently largely done by hand. This takes into account changes and disturbances, which is a better approximation in practice compared to existing static models. This allows maintenance to be planned further in advance.”

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