Our society is digitising itself more and more. That offers opportunities, such as more efficient working, but it also raises many ethical questions – the sort of questions now being addressed by TU Delft’s new Digital Ethics Centre.  Together with government agencies and companies, the centre’s researchers are looking at the ethical side of AI and digitalisation, such as fairness, safety and transparency, and seeking to develop the best solutions and applications.

How do we keep the use of AI fair, inclusive, transparent and safe? What does human-centred and responsible AI look like? Digital technology can be found pretty much in every corner of our society. But companies and institutions don’t always know how to deal with technological innovations.

The TU Delft Digital Ethics Centre will explore issues such as whether or not the concept transparency means the same thing in the pharmaceutical industry as it does in recruitment; when an algorithm is ‘fair’; how we can prevent the next ’Toeslagenaffaire’; and what we can do to use digital technologies such as AI without sacrificing important human values.

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