The universities of Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam are working together to show their students what artificial intelligence (AI) means for their own field. Three AI minors will start in the 2022 – 2023 academic year, and will answer questions such as, “How do you best use AI for your research discipline?”, and “What are the legal and ethical consequences of AI?”.

The artificial intelligence minors

Each minor has different requirements, and is designed for a specific target group with a specific learning demand – using different teaching formats. Students from different disciplines are brought together, making it possible to think about AI-related issues from various perspectives.

The minors from Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam are open to students from all three universities. The minor from TU Delft is currently only open to TU Delft students, because of the final project (which takes place in their own domain). From the year 2023 – 2024, this minor will also be open to students from Leiden and Rotterdam.

The three minors are:

  • Engineering with AI (TU Delft – 30 EC);
  • AI and Society (Universiteit Leiden – 30 EC);
  • AI in Society (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam – 15 EC).

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