TU Delft is looking for talented PhD candidates to join eight new TU Delft AI Labs. Over the next few years they will tackle the question ‘How can you accelerate scientific progress with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)?’. Because AI plays a role in all fields of science, the research will involve collaboration between scientists specialising in AI and those working in other disciplines.

The PhD students will join the TU Delft AI Labs programme, receiving a five-year contract, with one year used to provide additional education. Each lab benefits from a team of talented scientists, driven by research questions that arise from current and pressing scientific and societal challenges. They will also contribute to the development and implementation of domain-specific education. The 32 new PhDs will have the opportunity to use AI to help push the boundaries of science.

The TU Delft AI Labs programme offers ambitious academics five years of incentive funding to jointly build new and developing topics into independent and mature disciplines at the AI/application interface.

Find out more about the eight new labs:

Visit www.tudelft.nl/ai/vacacancies for more information on the PhD positions.