Erasmus Data Collaboratory (EDC) is an inclusive open learning environment for data and AI at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Here everyone can think, work, learn and invent together in the field of data and AI. On 29 October, the EDC hub was opened by Ed Brinksma, chairman of our Executive Board: “This is just the first step. In the intersection between technology, socio-economic and medical sciences, we are and can be a greater leader. And because of this space it will only grow.”

The physical EDC hub has space and facilities for hands-on action learning, action research, experimentation, and valorization, and it facilitates the complete data science cycle, from data engineering to data analysis and including data visualization. The hub on the first floor of Polak Building includes:

  • a data lab, equipped with high-quality workstations with high-resolution displays, connected to a cloud infrastructure through fast connections;
  • a visualization space, with advanced digital projection facilities;
  • a multimedia-equipped boardroom;
  • a well-equipped project and meeting rooms, with creative and stimulating tools to support research and education

The Erasmus Data Collaboratory was created by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics in partnership with leading tech companies and start-ups. Students from the Erasmus Tech Community and Turing Students Rotterdam for example, can plan and execute their activities in the hub. But the hub will also be the place where students from different education programmes and backgrounds can work with real datasets and data analytics, AI and ML tools.

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